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 +358 40 171 1241/seppo.parviainen@agens.fi

Managing Director Seppo Parviainen (MBA, LL.M., BSc) has over 20 years of experience from Business management leadership positions and more than 11 years of experience as a company lawyer in large and middle-sized Finnish international companies. He has acted in more than 10 leadership positions, also serving the growth of a large international chain and several other chains. He is also Dif board professional.( Managing Director over 17, 5 years/Chairman/Vice Chairman of the board over 16 years/European Purchase Group Director/Pan Nordic Customer Group Director in Sales and Customer operations/Field Director in Sales and Operational Management/Senior Management Consultant/Customer Finance/Credit Manager/Administration Manager/Corporate Lawyer/Dif Board professional 2011-/ Member of the Central Trade Association law committee in Finland, 1993-1999/Member of the board in Konpap ry, 2009-2011).

Verkostoliiketoiminnan johtaja/Network director Tuomas huokuna

+358 44 724 3677/tuomas.huokuna@agens.fi

Network business Director Tuomas Huokuna, (LL.M.), product owner of the platform and a lawyer with a technological mind and a strong background in commercial law. Tuomas has advised many clients in SME sphere, runs the Company’s network of 10 specialist lawyers and designs client solutions of the Platform.
 He is also top professional in Legal Design for electronic made Legal documents.


We have wide range of professional lawyers inside Agens Network working committed to our LEgal Tech tools and pricing.
Agens can find always a professional lawyer having high competence in area based on customer needs. Contact to our Network director Tuomas!

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