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USER: GO INSIDE YOUR LEGAL TOOL FROM HEREAgens is a Legal Tech and Business Law practice company from Finland owned by big Finnish IT Compnany and some professional Lawyers. Law Technology of Agens Oy is built for this purpose specially. Our Platform together with content editing and version management tools enables a law firm of any size of company with In House Lawyer or without Lawyers to use it in own legal processes. Users varies from a small office scaling up to multinational giants with hundreds of professionals.User can always ask local lawyer to help finalise last 10 % of the work if needed.What is this "Agens tech" then?

Our Platform is an application for tailoring of documents. You can build contracts, notifications, consultancy tools, information gathering vehicles and such easily. Our interface is appraised by our clients as easy to use, straightforward and understandable. Technological backend is of "industrial torque" - strong engine can manage huge document-building rules and dialogues. Complex conditions for an introduction of certain clause can be built

Agens has built more than 120 contract, document and Legal process tools in Finland. These are, in addition to contracts and documents, process tools that allow you to handle the entire legal process. Agens solutions are giving three main advantiges to users:

1: create more value-based legal work Reason for this is, that user is in interactive connection with lawyer based pre-content and can really focus on right issues and tailor work and modify end result without losing legally binding content 

2. decrease of cost for external legal workReason for this is, that first 90% of content can be created in 5-15 minutes without extra lawyer cost. Last 10 % of tailor work can be done using more time by user or buy just this part outside from lawyer. Lawyer cost is dropping everal times lower than buying whole work from lawyer.

3. create higher quality to legal processes and individual agreements and documents Reason for this is, that using this Legal Tech tool gives lot of good answers to several detailed issues, that normally can be forgotten from documents.

All agreements, documents and Legal processes quality is higher than making these withoutis tool. Content is growing all the time based on growing number of tools and all the developing content based on connection between user feedback and updating everything using Microsoft Azure cloud service app to all users. 

 Through Agens digital tools user can  halve the cost of making legal documents and handling legal processes. These benefits create great savings to  customers. This way we can help to modernise the industry's policies and pricing. The tools are intelligent, reviewed and created by several lawyers and have instructions, alternative content and self-supplemented parts. This will make your document creation work interact with business law professionals. Our Legal services are capable of being able to split several times lower the time spent on creating a finished outcome and dropping the cost of hourly work by means of our digital legislative Tech tools. This way Agens tools are offering top business law content on the market before an unprecedented price!

How does this work? You structure a document with 1) contents that are always there, no need to tailor 2) rules to introduce conditional content (eg. when to input an arbitration clause or not) 3) input fields, in which you need to input specifics - like names and numbers. These are then published to your "account" of platform (and kept information secure!) where you, or your junior or senior collagues may use them - and all files tailored with predetermined choices always adhere to an accepted variation of the document. 

See our videos:

linkki tähän How does a license user use the service? The use of the service is easy and fast-paced steps make it possible to create a legally high level of content. Here are the main steps: 1. The user navigates from the link to the service and signs up at the conclusion of the license agreement. User can use own email address and password created by user. 2. The user chooses the document they need from the list of jurists in advance of the construction of documents, contracts and tools. 3. The user makes the documents with the system 95%-100% of the preset inside the system. The document is saved to the user account on the system in the Subscriptions section. 4. The user can save the document to the desired location and send it to theother  contractor for review. The necessary minor corrections are made based on the feedback received by the user using a word processing program. 5. The user saves the final document and the parties sign it, if necessary, can be converted to PDF and signed and stored electronically. 6. The Agens document engine is integrated into the Sign Space digital signature, which can be executed via email to writers. Signed documents can be stored in the client's own document management repository. In the cloud, new agreements and tools are automatically added to the system by Agens lawyers, as well as updating the corrections resulting from any changes to the legislation and developing existing tools to support feedback Basis. Attached is the guide how to use this and Frequently Asked Questions. Go to the local partner's homepage!





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